Run Your Shop Without It Running You

The #1 Best Selling Book on Jewelry Shop Management

A Practical Guide To Efficient Shop Management

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With over one hundred and fifty pages of information, illustrations, and worksheets, Run Your Shop Without It Running You the most comprehensive book on Jewelry Shop Management available.  Discover a variety of methods to improve the profitability of the jewelry shop, plus methods to increasing productivity without sacrificing quality. Learn how to set correct prices, avoid costly mistakes at the take-in counter, organizing and scheduling jobs, shop design, organizing the bench, improve scrap material management, motivating the bench jeweler, and many other topics.


This Valuable Guide Is A Must In Every Jewelry Store

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Improve Your Shop’s Profits While You SAVE Money!

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For too many years, Simon says, jewelry storeowners have believed the fallacy the shop can’t be a profit center.  He destroys that notion step-by-step with a practical book that shows jewelry storeowners and shop mangers the keys to profitability.
Professional Jeweler Magazine


Run Your Shop Without It Running You helps you run a tight shop.  All in all, the book is a no-nonsense guide to running a tight repair shop – It’s A Must Read.
In-Store Magazine


Throughout the United States, Repair Shops in Jewelry Stores operate on the 80/20 principle. 
That is the repair shop produces 80% of the problems, and only 20% of the income.


The Jewelry Repair Shop CAN Run Smoothly and Efficiently.

Discover How With This Comprehensive Manual.


  • Do you have trouble getting all the work done in your shop?
    Discover How to Increase Productivity!

  • Do you want your shop to be more profitable?
      Discover How to Set Prices Properly and Lower Expenses!

  • Gold may be walking out the door of your shop!
      Discover Proper Precious Metal Management!

  • Does apathy permeate through your shop?
      Discover How to get your Bench Jeweler Motivated!

  • Your shop design maybe affecting productivity – without you even knowing it!
      Discover How to Improve Workflow!

  • Does your bench jeweler ignore your instructions?
      Discover How to get your Bench Jeweler to do
       What YOU Want Done, WHEN You Want It Done!


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Run Your Shop Without It Running You

Limited Time Special Offer

reg. $39.95  NOW ONLY $30 


According to the JA Cost of Doing Business Survey, shop services is the third largest product category for retail jewelers.  Shop services now out- sells traditionally strong product categories such as color stone jewelry, watches, and pearls.

“Shop Services has become such an important part of the store, we can no longer ignore it,” says author Brad Simon.  “Retail Jewelers need to learn how to make their shops efficient and profitable or their business will suffer.”

Learn how to make your shop more efficient and how to eliminate many of the problems associated with the jewelry repair shop.



  • The Single BIGGEST Reason for Problems in the Shop, and How to Overcome It.
  • How to Increase Productivity without Sacrificing Quality.
  • The Three Essential Ingredients to Consider when Setting Prices.
  • How to Get Total Control over the Day-To-Day Operations of Your Shop.
  • How to Schedule Work in the Shop to Increase Productivity and Guarantee the Work Will Be Ready When the Customer Expects It.
  • Why Commissions Do Not Accomplish What You Want Over 1/2 The Time, and What To Do In Those Situations.
  • How to Implement Proper Scrap Material Management.
  • How to Set Prices That Your Customers Are Willing to Pay and Will Maximize Profits in the Shop.
  • Take-In Procedures that will Guarantee Your Bench Jeweler Will Do the Work YOU WANT DONE.
  • How to Be More Creative in Accomplishing Your Work and Overcoming Obstacles.
  • Plus Other Productivity and Profitability Enhancements.


Listen to What Others Have Said

If you have a shop or are going to install one, you should buy this book.  It’s great on setting things up in an orderly fashion for best efficiency, which speeds things up and lowers cost.  Brad Simo is one of the few people who understand how to make a profit in the shop and how to set prices. Buy this book; it’s a good one.
David Geller – Georgia


Brad has taken a potentially boring subject and made it interesting to read.  His years at the bench are obvious from the detailed descriptions of what goes on in the shop.  We want to build a state of the art shop.  When we finish, this book will deserve most of the credit for its design.
David Lantz – New Hampshire


This is going to be one of those classic books that comes to mind whenever someone asks about going into the trade or gets serious about making their shop profitable.  There is a lot of practical business sense and many bench tips.
John Caro – Virginia


Very well done.  An excellent reference guide and tool for jewelers.  The guides on profitability are very well laid out as well as the take-in guides and shop layout.  Jewelers will definitely benefit from this book.  I recommend it to all.
Arthur Gordon – Oklahoma


Brad Simon reviews much of what should be common sense, but unfortunately is often overlooked.  It is good to see it laid out and explained from a bench jeweler’s perspective.  Thanks Brad for such an informative manual.
Tony Baldwin – Ohio


Order NOW!

Improve Your Shop’s Profits While You SAVE Money!

Limited Time Special Offer

Run Your Shop Without It Running You

reg. $39.95  NOW ONLY $30 


 Run Your Shop Without It Running You is now available on Amazon

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